postponed, and will endless supply of the past program. Model: Bill simply planted new grass seed and needs to water three times each day. He sets START TIME 1 for 5am, START TIME 2 for 12pm, and START TIME 3 for 5 pm. He sets the INT (interim) to water like clockwork (see segment 3, HOW OFTEN). In AUTO mode the framework will water 3 times each day. When Bill’s turf is built up he can CLEAR begin times 2 and 3 and come back to watering just once every day. 3. Run Time • Turn the dial to [RUN TIME]. 8 Example: Odd: first, third, fifth, and so forth. Model: Even: second, fourth, sixth, and so on. Turn the dial to [AUTO] and that is it! You have modified your clock! Go dial to [AUTO] to actuate your program. Note: If your program is lost, the processing plant introduced safeguard program will turn on each station each day for 10 minutes. Note: Your earlier programming won’t be upset except if changed. Continuously know about the program you are in (An or B) when you are making changes. Inspecting and Changing Your Program If you need to survey or change the beginning occasions, run times, or how frequently to water, basically pursue the bearings again for that alternative. In the wake of inspecting or changing a watering plan, make sure to turn the dial back to [AUTO] for programmed activity. Segment 4: Additional Features Rain Delay [RAIN DELAY] enables you to postpone your sprinklermagnetic ring
clock from watering for a set timeframe. Postpone settings are 24, 48, and 72 hours. • Turn dial to [AUTO] Days of the Week • Your dial ought to be set to [HOW abeled OFTEN]. – Press the PROGRAM catch to choose which program you’d like to set – Press the [ ] catches to move starting with one day then onto the next. – Press [+] or [ENTER] to choose a day for watering. An edge will show up around the chose days. • To erase a recently entered day, press [-] or [CLEAR].ring magnet Model: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Intervals • Use the [ ] catches to move to the INTERVAL choice “INT”. • Press [+/ – ] catches to choose

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