increment or lessening the setting. • Press [ENTER] or hold up 10 seconds and the chose downpour defer will start. • [CLEAR] catch stops the downpour postponement and planned watering will continue. • At the finish of the chose downpour postpone measure of time, programmed watering resumes. • While in downpour defer mode, the clock show will switch between the real time and the rest of the hours of the deferral, at regular intervals. Water Budgeting Water Budgeting is a basic method to alter your watering length to coordinate occasional watering needs. Water Budgeting works by expanding or diminishing watering term for all stations in each program. Press the [PROGRAM] catch to neodymium magnets n52
choose the program you wish to spending plan. Modification range is from 10% to 200% by augmentations of 10%. The default worth is 100%. The planning will stay on the balanced range until you change it. To set planning: • Turn dial to [BUDGETING] • To modify press [+/ – ] catches, press [ENTER] • If utilizing numerous projects (A, B, or C) Press the [PROGRAM] howevertimer is 500mA. Figure 3: Wiring Electric Valves If the distance between the sprinkler timer and n52 neodymium magnets valves is under 700’ (210 m), use Orbit® sprinkler wire or 20 gauge (AWG) plastic jacketed thermostat wire to connect the sprinkler timer to the valves. If the distance is over 700’ (210 m), use 16 gauge

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